DiRTY - Throwing Chunks [2016]
Extended Player (tape cassette)

File under riot boy/riot grrrl, surf, lofi, DIY.

Throwing Chunks is the second release by DiRTY and is the re-release after the initial run sold out on Cruel Nature Records.

The band make lofi surf meets garage meets grunge utterings with twin vocals reverberating throughout.
This tape is glitter coloured in a yellow plastic case.

Review by United Cassettes.

"Dirty channel the beautiful marriage of lo-fi 60’s garage rock with no-boundaries noise rock, as if Beat Happening and Test Icicles collaborated.
“Throwing Chunks” is comprised of nine diverse tracks which sit beautifully together, featuring sparse instrumentation, dark vocals and the occasional but very welcomed burst of high octane experimentalism which ties everything together blissfully.
Dirty are an act to watch with intent and anticipation in 2016, another great offering from Cruel Nature Records."

Sample track from 'Throwing Chunks'.