The Perverts - Thinking is Dangerous [2015]
Concept album and novel (book & 2 x CD)

File under industrial, post punk, dub, electronica, soundtrack.

Thinking is Dangerous is the third album release by The Perverts - the first to be placed through Utter Kunst.
This is a concept album whereby the band wrote a series of dystopian short stories prior to considering any music, which was subsequently written as a soundtrack to the short stories.

This release comes in a lavish double disc digipack case with a 100 page book to accompany it.

Review by The Screever

"Firstly, I have to say this is a great, well put together set; two CDs of about twenty tracks each, plus a book featuring a piece of fiction by each of the three members of the band.
I often refer to THE PERVERTS as probably one of the strangest things you will ever hear, so now I'll describe (or at least attempt to describe) what they sound like. Imagine walking through a long, grimey, English subway in the middle of the night, during which you discover a small, dark, secret passage, which after traversing for a while in pitch black, you subsequently stumble into a bright, garish, almost nursery-like room, full of musical broken toys (a couple of percussionary monkeys, a creepy, high-pitched talking clown, broken toy guitars, etc.) all playing at once but at different times... Yeah, something like that.

It's funky and it's twinkly, but it still has that odd shroud of darkness surrounding it, making for a really creepy and eerie listening experience. I can't even begin to guess what the songs are about, but there are some cool song titles like 'Degenerative Jelly Bean', and especially on the second disc (which is more instrumental led, only featuring vocals on about three of the twenty tracks), with 'A Horn in the Distance Distills the Essence of the Rat Race', and 'Like Godzilla in a Steel Cage that is More Like a Shoebox'.

The book, which works as an accompaniment to the music, features three pieces of dystopian fiction, the first being the longest story about a governmental plan to inseminate genetically modified, drone-like humans that act only upon command into society, as a means of developing a future race that is easily mass-controlled, followed by a short piece of poetry painting a bleak picture of the future, and finally a particularly well written but abstract short story about daily monotony, and probably a load of stuff that I didn't quite pick up on the first read. It's hard to know who to recommend this to, as it has elements of everything from PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. to THE PRODIGY to MELT BANANA, so I'd say just have a listen online and see what you make of it. A great set if you fancy something a bit (or a lot) different."

Sample track from 'Thinking is Dangerous'.